Warren building construction continues through school year

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP) - If anything is a "pardon our dust" situation, it's the construction that will go on throughout Warren Local Schools' academic year.

There's a combined new elementary school building slated to be completed in a year, and a renovated high school to be finished in two years.

"We'll go from Little Hocking Elementary and Warren Elementary, and combine it into one large Warren Elementary," says Superintendent Kyle Newton.. "We're going to keep Building 6, and we're going to build a whole new high school, so the high school will move down into the parking lot area, so it will be a new high school."

Work began on the new elementary this past spring. It started this summer on the high school renovation.

When it's all finished, all of Warren's school buildings will be on the same site for the first time in the school district's nearly 60 years.

"The only thing that won't be on this site will be our bus garage," Newton says. "To house our 30-plus buses, and keep up their maintenance, that will continue to be at another location. But everything else will be on this campus."

In terms of square miles, the district is the 26th largest in Ohio. With all the buildings at one site, that often leads to concerns about the time involved transporting students to and from school. But Superintendent Newton says Warren anticipates only some modest changes in bus routes.

"We work really hard to get all of our students in a short amount of time. We run a lot of different routes to ensure that process."

One thing's for certain: Warren schools will take on a different look once this construction is completed.