Washington County Health Department holds drive-through flu shot clinic

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Every year since 2001, the Washington County Health Department has held a drive-through flu shot event on Columbus Day.

This Columbus Day was no different. People trying to avoid getting sick this season drove through the health department parking lot to get vaccinated. Just like a fast food restaurant has two windows, the health department has two tents set up, one for paperwork and one for the actual shots. Recipients never even had to get out of their car.

Director of nursing Val Betkoski said the drive-through started as a way to check the department’s ability to mass-administer vaccines in a disaster scenario, but they continue to do it because people like it.

“There are a lot of elderly people who can’t get out of their car or walk down the hall or walk here, there or yonder to get there flu shots so it’s very convenient for them. They can stop and get their immunization and go home,” said Betkoski

Director Betkoski says that flu shots can prevent a person from getting the flu, but they also help keep people with weak immune systems who cannot receive immunizations, healthy.