Washington County community hosts parade for toddler in remission

MARIETTA, Ohio The Washington County community celebrates 3 year old Kenadee Antill and her cancer remission.

Last September, Kenadee was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor, a rare kidney cancer that is primarily in children.

Kenadee's parents, say this journey was very unexpected and hasn't been easy, but seeing Kenadee's strength really inspires them. Now, after 37 chemotherapy treatments and 8 treatments of radiation, she has finally completed her last treatment and she is in remission.

"We are the support system, so to just watch your little three year old go through what she's endured and to have a great community behind us, it's amazing," said Kayla Antill, mother.

Kenadee says, "I feel good."

The Antill's will go back to the doctor in three months for a follow up.

Kenadee and her family are looking forward to celebrating the Kenadee's 4th birthday in July and her parents are planning a 5K walk this September.

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