Washington County residents to use new voting machines this year

Published: Aug. 8, 2019 at 7:14 PM EDT
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The 2019 local elections in Washington County will see three people, including the incumbent, running for mayor's offices in the cities of Marietta and Belpre. There are also contested races for one Marietta council seat, and for Belpre's council at large.

"There is a smaller turnout than, say, a presidential election," notes Mandy Amos, Director, Washington County Board of Elections. "But this will bring out quite a few people. These are important offices to everybody locally."

In addition, levies are on the ballot for Marietta City and Frontier Local Schools.

The news about this year's election won't just involve candidates. Just this week, the board of elections took delivery of new voting machines. For the first time, Washington County voters will be casting ballots electronically, in an election year.

It's the first upgrade in election hardware in 25 years.

Voters can opt to cast ballots electronically, or use paper ballots. Either way, a printout will show how they voted.

"We're having our training coming up later this month," Amos says. "After that, we'll be having some open houses where people can come in and we'll be having our poll workings in training as well. This will be kind of a test run for our new voting equipment, so we'll see how it will work and adjust anything if we need to."

The deadline for write-in candidates to declare candidacies is in late August.

Early voting, at the elections office on Davis Avenue in Marietta and by mail, begins October 8. The deadline to register for the November 5 election is October 7.

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