Weather a factor as holiday travelers hit the highways

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oh.-(WTAP) Some people stay home for the holidays.

For others, at least part of the season is spent getting home to family and friends.

"Only reason I'm going up there (to Northern Ohio) is I have family up there," says Kenneth Ferguson, From Craigsville, West Virginia. "And I'm going to have Christmas with them."

Chris Mackenberg, of Jacksonville, Florida, says he has traveled for the holidays before.

"And this has been pretty good travel this year. We were up there for the summertime, and the travel was good then, too."

And so far, the travel in this part of the country has been good for the record numbers using the nation's highways to get where they have to go.

AAA is expecting more than 107 million travelers will be hitting the roads.

Air travel is also a popular way to go, especially if you're covering at least half of the country. But some of the nation's busiest airports have been having delays, due to weather and other problems.

Also on the highways: law enforcement, making sure people are driving sober during this holiday season, and obeying the speed laws.

"We are aware of the holidays, and drinking and driving," says Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin. "We are on the lookout for those types of things. But I pray it's going to be a peaceful holiday season, and a quiet holiday season for us."

Says Mackenberg: "I hope everybody has a safe trip, wherever they're going to, and a Merry Christmas."

And although gas prices were on the decline during much of December, they shot back up again, at least in our area, just in the past two days.