West Virginia, Ohio leaders discuss State of the Union

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-(WTAP) With a vote on his future in office a day away, President Donald Trump delivers his third State of the Union address to Congress Tuesday night.

President Donald Trump gives his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019, at the Capitol in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence, left, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look on. (Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool)

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito told a conference call with reporters Tuesday she hopes the president will avoid the matter of impeachment, sticking instead to a vision of the future.

And she believes Trump will accentuate the positive, in a way that will relate to West Virginia residents.

"West Virginia's poverty rate has fallen, our wages have increased by 5%. We have opportunity zones in 55 different areas of West Virginia that the president is going to talk about."

We also spoke to Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, during a visit Tuesday to Marietta.

He's looking for the president to address the expansion of broadband, to which he recently made a $20 million commitment.

"One of the things we're going to be in discussion with the Trump Administration on is broadband funding," Husted said, "to help us work with the private sector to expand broadband service to parts of rural Ohio, and I know that's also important in West Virginia."

Capito also expects Trump to discuss the administration's commitment to resolving the opioid crisis, something affecting both states as well.

Briefly on impeachment: Capito repeated she plans to vote "no" Wednesday on removing the president from office.

As for fellow Senator Joe Manchin's proposal of censure as an alternative, Capito called that "a weak attempt to make a statement" on the issue.