West Virginia Supreme Court issues new policies after impeachment scandal

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WTAP) - After an impeachment scandal last year, the West Virginia Supreme Court has issued new administrative policies.

The new policies address state-owned computer systems, the use of purchasing cards, court-owned equipment, court travel and accounting practices.

Chief Justice Beth Walker says the policies are being posted on the court's website "Because we intend to keep our promise to West Virginia citizens to be open, responsible, and accountable."

Four justices were impeached in August, 2018, over questions involving lavish office renovations that evolved into accusations of corruption, incompetence and neglect of duty.

Some of the impeached justices were accused of abusing their authority by failing to rein in excessive spending.

A week after the impeachment, a temporary panel of justices ruled that the impeachment efforts were a violation of the separation-of-powers doctrine.