West Virginia man creates automatic chicken door

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ALDERSON, W.Va. (NBC) - Chicken coops are popping up in back yards around the nation as the trend of urban farming gains popularity. But just like taking care of most animals, chickens can be a lot of work. That's why a West Virginia man is hoping to make it a little easier.

Timothy Luce created Slick Chick, an automatic chicken door that can be operated with a cellphone app or Alexa. It can also open and close based on when the sun is out.

Luce got the idea to make this as his wife's Christmas gift this year.

"It was sort of a selfish gift to be honest. A lot of the times, she would be over in a neighboring town taking the kids to dance and she'd be like 'Hey can you go lock the chickens up.' And I'd be in the middle of something. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift and she opened the box and she was like 'I thought you were going to make one.' And I was like, 'Well, I did!' She's like this looks like you got it from a store and I was like yeah that's the whole idea we're going to sell them."

Luce says he would like to see technology like this continue to meet people's needs and also create jobs in southern West Virginia.

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