Westbrook Health Services talks about teen overdose treatment

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. According to reports, fewer than one in three teenager are treated after overdosing.

Studies show that two-thirds of teens and young adults who overdosed on opioids and survived did not get treatment.

The quick response team at Westbrook Health Services says, they get the consent of a parent or guardian recommending any treatment. But, they will come to your home or you can visit the office directly.

"It's just the same as working with an adult because I think for my partner and I, we both started using at a young age so we're both in recovery and we were both younger when we started this process," said Crystal Caudill, peer support recovery specialist, Westbrook Health Services.

"So, I think getting engaged with kids now and showing them that there's a different way. It is really important because then they don't have to make all of the same mistakes that we made," said Caudill.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction you can call the Westbrook Health Services quick response team at (304)485-1721 ext. 260.

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