Where to get rid of your Christmas tree in the Mid-Ohio Valley

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The holidays are over, which means it’s time to get rid of your Christmas tree.

If you live in the city of Marietta, you can drop it off at several places including Indian Acres Park, Lookout Park, and Greenleaf Landscapes.

Greenleaf will charge you if you live outside of Marietta. You can find their prices on the website in the Related Links section of the article.

The general manager at Greenleaf says if you drop off your Christmas tree with them, it would be turned into a soil mix or mulch.

“A very fine mulch you can use it for mulch in your landscape like bark mulch but it’s so fine that it would almost decompose in the dirt within a couple months because it’s been ground up so much and blended with all of the yard waste we accept in a year’s time," Dave Fleming said.

In Wood County, you can leave your tree out with your trash. Trash haulers will then take your tree to a landfill.

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