Long-awaited Wirt County nursing home could open later this year

Published: Sep. 15, 2016 at 5:48 PM EDT
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There could-finally-be some good news for residents of Wirt County wanting to see a nursing home in their area.

Coplin Health Systems, which has been working for years to open the facility, says it has reached an agreement for its operation by Providence Health Management.

The Tennessee-based firm operates health care facilities in Ohio and other states.

Construction of the complex took place during 2017. Coplin says the new facility will be named the Elizabeth Care Center, and operate as a 36-bed facility.

Providence Health hopes it can begin operations this summer-depending on when it can be licensed with Medicare and Medicaid-and bring more than 60 jobs to Wirt County.

5/31/2017 5:35 P.M.

A long-awaited nursing home serving Wirt County could be closer to completion.

Mike Miller of Coplin Health Services, one of the owners of the home, says some agreements still have to be finalized for the construction project.

But thanks to a recently-approved bill allowing private investors to operate the home, Coplin can continue construction on the facility.

Miller says that will start up again, once contracts and loan documents are signed.


For several weeks now, residents of Wirt County have been fighting to continue the building of a nursing home.

The project has been worked on for months, and was deemed impossible to complete by Coplin Health Systems. This week, a prospective "for-profit" buyer has submitted a proposal to Coplin to purchase the building and open the nursing home.

Now, a new petition is out to add the nursing home to the agenda at the special legislative session, which is to be held later this month. The goal of the meeting is to get the verbiage changed to include "for-profit".

"We're really hoping that it does move forward for-profit because not only will we still get the nursing home, but the county will get taxes and other things when a non-profit wouldn't generate that income," said Debbie Tanner Hennen, who is helping with the building of the nursing home.

We'll keep you updated with this story as the progress continues,

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