UPDATE: Wood County Board of Education discusses random drug testing program for students

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PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- The Wood County Board of Education meets Tuesday night to talk about the possibility of random drug testing at schools.

The board authorized a Pride Survey for middle school and high school students. The questionnaire gathers data on teenage substance abuse.

The board says the information it gets from the survey will help determine if random drug testing would be a good fit for the county. They hope to have students take it in the coming months.

Board members say if they decide to go ahead with random drug testing, they would try to do it for the 2019 school year, which is next year.

One of the notable items on the agenda up for discussion for the upcoming Wood County Board of Education meeting involves randomly drug testing students in Wood County Public Schools.

The meeting will examine the number of schools that participate in this kind of program and discuss if this would be a helpful program to implement in Wood County.

The students that would be drug tested are those with privileges like driving on campus, participating in school extracurricular, and playing on sports teams.

Parents would also have the option to opt students into the program.

While just in the discussion phase, members of the board hope that, if implemented, a program like this will likely help steer students in a positive direction.

“What we want to accomplish with the drug testing policy if the board were to adopt something, but right now we are just in the discussion phase, is first and foremost the prevention of using drugs and the education behind why drugs and alcohol and other substances aren’t good for you” says Superintendent William Hosaflook.

Currently, Wood County has a voluntary club students can be in if they successfully pass a drug test.

The Wood County Board of Education is holding their next meeting on October 9th at 6:30 p.m.

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