Wood County Clerk's office demonstrates new voting machines

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 5:14 PM EDT
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The Wood County Clerk's office is looking ahead to next year's elections.

It is demonstrating to the public a new voting machine system it recently purchased.

Like the old electronic voting machines in place since 2004, it is a touch-screen format. A big change, however, is that it makes it easier to determine whether a voter has changed his selection before completing and submitting the ballot.

"Under the Ivotronic (the company that manufactured the old machines), it marks the vote and it cancels it," Rhodes pointed out Monday. "With this, it only marks the people for whom you actually vote. That will make it a little less confusing on the human side of it when we're doing the hand count."

Rhodes says the system is not connected to the internet, reducing the possibility an outsider could tamper with it.

The clerk's office staff also has gone through training to spot and eliminate any threats to the voting system.