Wood County Commission looks back at 2019

Photo: tOrange.us / CC BY-SA 4.0
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Wood County looks to 2020 with a recurring issue: a tight county budget.

Nonetheless, the county commission approved raises for several of its 200 employees. It also approved additional deputies for the sheriff's office as part of its budget that went into effect in July.

And county officials would like to see the county's lowest-paid workers get additional take-home pay.

"We addressed it last year and this year in the budget, and we may be able to address it this year and get it to ($28,000 or $28,500)," Commission President Blair Couch said recently. "But eventually, get that bottom row of employees up to a more sustainable wage."

The county has been able to save money through its employee insurance plan.

But officials were informed at the last meeting of 2019 one of its insurance plans could discontinue service to employees at the end of January.

Commissioners begin taking department head requests for the 2020-21 budget by the end of winter.