Wood County Indivisible holds demonstration to support Democracy Reform Bill

PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- Wood County Indivisible held its first demonstration of the year in front of Congressman McKinley’s Parkersburg office on the day the 116th Congress is sworn in.

They are calling on McKinley to support the Democracy Reform Bill being proposed in Congress.

Additionally, they are demanding that McKinley work to reopen the government by passing a clean funding bill that doesn’t contain new money for a border wall.

Jeanne Peters, of Wood County Indivisible, says,

“We want him to begin by working to reopen the government that Trump shut down. We think that our country is better than this and we deserve to put our federal employees back to work. There are 18,000 federal employees in this state alone, many of them working right down here in the downtown area. It’s time to get them back to work and get our basic services restored."

The group is also calling to expand voter access, pull money out of politics, and end corruption in the government.

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