UPDATE: Partial resolution reached in capacity issue at Wood County landfill

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP UPDATE: 8/28/2018, 6:30 p.m.

It looks like there's a partial resolution to the capacity issue with the Wood County landfill.

Wood County Solid Waste Authority Director John Reed says an agreement has been reached to keep the landfill open for the last two days of August.

That agreement, signed by the West Virginia Health Department, only allows for residential trash to be taken there.

As WTAP reported Monday, that landfill is expected to reach its required monthly capacity before August ends.

The landfill takes both residential and commercial solid waste, including, recently, from the cleanup from the IEI Plastics fire and demolition debris from Williamstown.

UPDATE: 8/28/2018, 4:30 p.m.

There's questions as to whether the potential-if temporary-closing of the immediate area's only landfill could have an effect on trash-hauling service.

Most area cities contract with private haulers. Vienna residents can choose from four of them.

But one of those private companies is Waste Management, which owns the Northwestern Disposal landfill.

"Just in the city of Parkersburg, we have 13,000 residents who are on city trash service, noted John Reed, President of Parkersburg City Council and head of the Wood County Solid Waste Authority. "And all that stuff's going to double up, and stay there for two weeks. And then, we're going to perpetuate the problem because all of that would be deposited in the landfill in September, raising that limit and we'll face the problem at the end of the month."

Reed adds, however, the problem should be resolved once the cleanup of the IEI fire site is completed, as soon as early September.

Parkersburg Public Works Director Everett Shears says the city is looking into using nearby landfills if Northwestern cannot accept the city's trash.

The closest alternative landfill is in Nelsonville, Ohio.


The area's only solid waste landfill may be about to close-at least temporarily.

We've learned the Northwestern Landfill may reach its monthly capacity-a few days before the end of August.

The landfill is allowed to accept only a total of 30,000 tons of material each month.

But at the rate it is taking in solid waste this month, it is expected to reach that limit by Wednesday.

And with next Monday being a holiday, it may not be able to accept material again until next Tuesday.

Wood County Solid Waste Authority Director John Reed says two situations are contributing to the problem: the cleanup from last year's IEI Plastics fire, and the demolition cleanup at the site of the new Williamstown Elementary School.

"Waste Management, who owns and operates the landfill, notified them that they would no longer accept any of their stuff until after the first of September," Reed explains. "That creates a problem, especially for Ames, because Ames is under a notice of violation from DEP that they need to get that site cleaned up by the first of the month."

The authority has asked the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection for a waiver, allowing the landfill to increase its capacity for the month of August only.

So far, it has not heard back from the DEP.