Wood County Schools considers closing five schools in coming years

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Nothing has officially been announced yet, but it looks as if Wood County's Board of Education is about to consider closing five schools in the next couple of years.

At Tuesday night's board of education meeting, Superintendent William Hossaflook laid out a detailed report on school enrollment in the past decade. It not only shows the school system as a whole is losing students, but most elementary and middle schools have also had declines in the past decade.

It was also noted the current comprehensive education facilities plan recommended closing Waverly and Worthington elementary schools. Both are still open

"Nothing has been done in the past decade. We are losing students. We are losing funding. We have to make changes because someone a decade ago missed the mark," said Justin Raber, a board of education member.

Administrators are working right now on the next ten-year facilities plan. The superintendent says several of the older buildings are heavily in need of maintenance. Parents in Waverly and Worthington already are calling on the board to keep both schools open.

A Worthington parent Tuesday night mentioned the school's successes in educating students and its small classroom size.

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