Wood County officials tour Recovery Point Parkersburg

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Some Wood County officials toured an addiction recovery facility in Parkersburg on Wednesday. It was organized to help them understand how the program works.

Dominique Kirl from West Virginia's Fourth Judicial Circuit of the Office of the Public Defender organized the tour to bridge the gap between officials like prosecutors and probation officers and the programs and services that help people overcome their struggles with addiction.

Kirl, along with a group of prosecutors, probation officers, and a judge toured Recovery Point Parkersburg. It was led by Travis Stringer, who works at Recovery Point.

"It teaches you about responsibility for yourself and for your fellow man, if you can't do it for yourself, somebody here will absolutely do it for you and then for the main purpose of when you get out of here so you can stay clean when you're out of here," Stringer said.

Recovery Point Parkersburg opened in late 2017. It provides beds to dozens of men. It's run based on a "peer-based" recovery model, where the clients hold each other accountable for their actions.

That's something that Billy Myers appreciates.

"Recovery Point is the only place I know for a fact that would work for me. They've showed me a lot of love in this building and they've also showed me no tolerance for my BS," Myers said.

Myers, a peer mentor in the program, said Recovery Point has helped him change his life around.

"And the minute I start to think really bad and I have problems or having a bad day I have 60 something people that I can go here and talk to, to get out of myself and listen to somebody that may have the same problem or something like by the time I get done speaking with them, my problem is usually either good or a lot less than what it was," Myers said.

"They're actually saving lives and making changes," Kirl said.

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