World War II veteran talks significance of D-Day

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - A local World War II veteran says D-Day had to happen.

Belpre resident Roy Sees, 100, did not fight in the D-Day invasion but he remembers hearing about it on the radio and in the newspapers.

He says it was a scary time and he felt sorry for the soldiers who fought in it.

But he says they had to get rid of Hitler and his influence and we need to remember those who lost their lives to accomplish that.

“The real heroes are over there in all those grave yards and in the bottom of the ocean and so on those guys didn’t come back they lost their lives so you and I can live in peace and we have to appreciate that," Sees said.

Sees was here in the U.S. when D-Day happened. He didn’t go overseas to fight in the war until later in the year.

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