Zion Baptist Church hosts annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. Zion Baptist Church in Parkersburg hosted its annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

Members of the Parkersburg community from many different backgrounds came together, to celebrate the life and legacy of the leader of the civil rights movement.

Pastor Lisa Grays says, she was a child during the civil rights movement but she learned Dr. King’s importance early.

“And just to see how the country has remembered him and having it as a national holiday," Pastor Grays. I think that is wonderful and I’m so grateful that we can take this time to remember all the things that he’s done.”

Pastor Grays says the church has celebrated this tradition for the last 10 years.

The church had guest speaker, Eric Ellis, the president and CEO of Integrity Development. His company teaches diversity training to various companies around the country. He was excited to deliver a message at the celebration.

"Dr. King was powerful, he was a powerful role model for us," said Eric Ellis, Integrity Development, president-CEO. If you look back at his speeches, you will see a man that challenged our conscious but he also brought hope and the love God and I don’t think that we can ever forget that.”

Pastor Grays believes that the congregation was able to receive that message and hopes that the community can continue to come together.

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