Fall sports scoreboard- Sept. 4

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High school golf

Parkersburg City Cup

Parkersburg South- 4
Parkersburg- 4
Patriots retain City Cup

Individual matches:

Molly McLean (P) def. Zach Redman (S) 3+2
Nicole Lincicome (P) def. Dustin Corley (S) 5+4
Daniel Wharton (P) def. Cade Murray (S) 5+4
Mace Busch (S) def. T.J. Davidson (P) 6+4
Blake Snyder (S) def. Hayden Leavitt (P) 6+4
Anna Earl (P) def. Eli Reeves (S) 4+2
Austin Reeves (S) def. Logan King 8+7
Jared Smith (S) def. Ethan Metz 7+5

Warren- 191
River- 227

High school volleyball

Warren 0
Parkersburg South 2

Morgantown 0

Frontier 3
St.Marys 2

High school tennis

Athens 2
Marietta 3

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