Marietta College Wins Week One Matchup

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Our next stop is Don Drumm stadium for the Marietta College Pioneers opener with Geneva

the Pioneers are on the move in the first quarter, Darren fields goes to the air and hits Morris Mcguire and he takes it into the redzone for the first down.

Then with the hurry up offense its Tanner Clark barreling into the end zone for the 3 yard touchdown and it’s a 7-0 Pioneers.

After Geneva scored 10 unanswered points, the Pioneers are on the move in the second quarter and its Tanner Clark busting it up the middle 22 yards for the touchdown and its 14-10 Marietta.

Later in the quarter the Pioneer’s defense comes up big. It's sophomore Caleb Boy forcing the fumble and coming away with the's Boy...on his way with the 53 yard scoop and score to put the pioneers up 21-10.

The Pio's lock it down winning 35-24 in their season opener.

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