Parkersburg South Knocked out of Playoffs

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The patriots would force a quick three and out to start the game and then Brayden Mooney would get the patriots down to the goal line after the late hit penalty.

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And then from three yards out it is nick Yoho who is powering into the end zone to put the patriots up 7-0.

Now it is Mooney’s turn, who gets a great block by Cole Burrows which propels him for 25 yard gain deep into eagles territory. Yoho would then get a one yard touchdown later to put south up 14-0.

And then before the half, Yoho gets it done again punching it in to put the patriots up 21 to nothing.

But the second half would be all Hedgesville, they would complete an incredible comeback to take the lead over the patriots, going up 28-21.

But with less than a minute left, the patriots would go right down the field and score to make it 28-27.

Then instead of going for the tie they would go for two and Mooney would go straight up the gut and keep those legs churning until he got into the end zone to put south up 29-28.

But talk about a miracle, The patriots would squib kick it after they scored and Niyjere Smith would end up finding the bouncing ball and he would go down the sidelines and into the end zone with nine second left to put Hedgesville up 35-29 and that is how it ends as Hedgesville upsets Parkersburg South.

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