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When it comes to Orthodontics, you want trusted, compassionate care that will translate into a lifetime of radiant smiles. You want orthodontic visits that fit conveniently into your schedule in a family-friendly atmosphere. That's why you deserve the dedication and skill of Dr.J. Scott Eckels. With over 19 years of experience and more than 10,000 patient treatments to his credit, Dr. Eckels offers you and your family the kind of well-credentialed care you want and deserve. It's no wonder so many dentists refer their valued patients to him. In fact, Dr. Eckels actually treats many dentists and their family members. That's because they know Dr. Eckels has a reputation for creating perfectly aligned teeth and happy, satisfied patients.

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Eckels Orthodontics FAQ

My dentist recommended that my child be evaluated, but I thinks she's too young. She still has baby teeth. Shouldn't we wait until she's older?
Early evaluation is best! That doesn't necessarily mean that early treatment is best. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends age 7 as the best time for an initial orthodontic examination. Some children have orthodontic problems that are significant enough that they should be addressed early.

Is it too late to have orthodontic treatment if I am already an adult?
A surprising percentage of our patients are adults. In fact, about 20% of all orthodontic patients in the US are adults. Health, happiness, and self-esteem are vitally important to adults. No patient is "too old" for treatment.

If my child is evaluated early, but does not need early treatment what happens then?
We will monitor their growth and development with observation appointments every six to eight months, so that we will know when the time is right to get started with treatment. These appointments are free of charge.

How much does an evaluation cost?
Nothing! All orthodontic evaluations are complimentary. We want to provide you with information regarding your treatment needs, scheduling procedures, costs, insurance, etc... with no obligation.

Do you have a payment plan for orthodontic fees?
Yes. There are several options for payments. We can set up interest-free payments through our office, spread out over the length of treatment time. There are also payment plans available through Care Credit and Chase Health Finance. Online application is quick and very easy. With either of the these you pay over a longer period of time, so your payments are even smaller.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes. We accept orthodontic insurance benefits from all insurance companies and once we have your insurance information we take care of the rest! Most benefits can be applied to your fee, which lowers your payments.

Can I use Invisalign instead of braces?
Invisalign is a technology of using clear aligner trays to move teeth. It has advanced so much in recent years and is able to accomplish many orthodontic corrections. Its most recent advance is Invisalign Teen for teenagers. Many patients are candidates but there are still some orthodontic problems that invisalign is not able to accomplish. That is easily determined at a complimentary initial examination.

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