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About Us

The public health system focuses on prevention through population-based health promotion by providing those public services and interventions which protect entire populations from illness, disease, and injury. The primary providers of these public health services are government health departments.

Health departments in communities throughout the United States are responsible for protecting, assessing, and assuring individual, community, and environmental health. They build partnerships and often provide or coordinate direct services to ensure that there is access to adequate health services in a community. They have also directly taken on the challenges of addressing the health care service needs of the most vulnerable and at-risk. Furthermore, the health department regulates sources of risk and promote health and safety practices such as licensing restaurants and health facilities, and regulating water and air quality. Likewise, they are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of the community during a time of crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children’s Services

   Q: Do we do sports physicals?
   A: YES, the child must bring physical form from their school.
Family Planning
  Q: What methods of birth control are offered?
  A: Pills, condoms, Depo Provera, natural family planning, abstinence,
       ECP (emergency contraception pill) and Diaphragm.
  Q: How soon will test results be returned?
  A: 2-4 weeks.
  Q: Can we get pap results over the phone?
  A: Yes, a nurse will talk with you about your results.
  Q: How long does it take to receive my results?
  A: 1-2 weeks
  Q: Is my HIV testing confidential?
  A: Yes, testing can also be anonymous.
  Q: Will there be a reaction?
  A: A vaccine, like any medication, is capable of causing serious problems such as a severe allergic reaction.  There may be a slight local reaction at the site of the injection. Risks from the vaccine are much smaller than the risks from the diseases if people stopped using the vaccine.
 Q: Can immunizations be given if the child or adult is ill?
 A: Any one that is moderately or severely ill should wait until they are fully recovered.
STD Testing
  Q: How soon can I expect to get my results?
  A: 7-10 days
  Q: Is there a charge for the exam or treatment?
  A: No, the medications are provided by the State of West Virginia.
Tuberculosis Clinic
  Q: What is TB?
  A: Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious contagious disease. It can destroy
        your lungs and it can be deadly, but it also can be cured.