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About Us

A home is often the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. A lot of time and effort is put into finding just the right property. For a small cost, a home inspection and radon inspection can provide peace of mind and confidence that the home you find is safe and sound. 

I have been doing professional home inspections for over 10 years and have heard time and time again that my services as a home inspector are a wise investment that pays for itself many times over. Unfortunately, I have also heard many home buyers who did not get their home inspected and regret it. My job is to help you live without regret in your home purchase. The feedback I get all the time from clients and realtors is that my inspections are more thorough and affordable than others, and because I am so thorough, you get more for your money.

When choosing a home inspector, you need someone who has more than just classroom and textbook training. You need someone who has had hands-on, practical experience with every component and system in a home. I have owned and operated my own construction and remodeling business and built homes from the foundation up. I have the hands-on knowledge you are looking for in an inspector.

My goal is not only to make sure you have peace of mind in your home purchase but also to help you understand maintenance issues and the time frame those issues will need to be addressed.

I am also licensed to test homes for radon which is an odorless, colorless and tasteless radioactive gas that permeates throughout a home from the ground and rocks beneath its foundation. Radon causes lung cancer and kills over 21,000 people per year, more than drunk drivers and house fires combined.

You can know whether the house you are purchasing is affected by this deadly gas by scheduling a radon test when you schedule a home inspection.

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About Travis

I have been a professional inspector for over 10 years. Not only am I trained and certified in home inspections but I have daily, practical, hands-on experience with every aspect of a home. I have owned my own construction and remodeling company for over 13 years. Being able to spot problems and issues with a home takes more than just classroom work and passing a test. It really takes knowing how a home is built from the ground up. I do because I have built and remodeled them for years.

My goal is to provide you with the most thorough and affordable inspection possible so that you have peace of mind and confidence in your new home or in preparing your home for the market with a pre-sale inspection.

To give you the greatest level of service I also provide radon and mold testing.