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About Us

West Virginia Birth to Three is a statewide system of services and supports for children under age three who have a delay in their development, or may be at risk of having a delay. The Department of Health and Human Resources through the Bureau for Public Health and the Office of Maternal Child and Family Health, Wv Birth to Three, as the lead agency for Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)assures family centered, community-based services are available to all eligible children and families. Services for Birth to three are voluntary.

WV Birth to Three FAQ

Who Is eligible for Birth to Three?
To be eligible for WV Birth to Three services, an infant or toddler under the age of three can be eligible three various ways. The child can have an established medical condition such as Down's Syndrome or Cleft Palate as an example to be eligible. The second way is the child can have a delay in one or more areas of their development: Physical (Gross/fine motor);Cognitive;Social/emotional;Adaptive;Communication. The third way a child is eligible is based upon the child and/or family having five risk factors. Some examples of these are the following: Prematurity, low birth weight/maternal depression/substance abuse during pregnancy;and/or chronic medical illness.

Who can make a referral?
Referrals can be made by anyone who has concerns about a child's development. The majority of the referrals for Birth to Three come from the parents and/or caregiver. Medical professionals such as pediatricians and/or hospitals are another referral source for Birth to Three. Childcare Centers also make referrals.

How do I make a referral?
To refer a child to Wv Birth to Three you may call 1-866-401-8919. It is important that it is important to discuss concerns with the family prior to a referral being made to Birth to Three.

What happens after a referral is made?
Once a referral is made to West Virginia Birth to Three, the information is gathered. At that point, the referral is given to one of the interim service coordinators who will then contact the family to schedule a time to come out to the home to discuss the concerns. At the first appointment medical and developmental history is taken as well as all consentsand releases are signed. Depending upon the concerns, the appropriate practioners are selected by the family. The practioners will then schedule their evaluations within the next few weeks following the first appointment. After evaluations are completed, the meeting to determine eligibility is set. Once eligibility is determined, services begin for the child.

Where are services held for families?
Families of eligible infants and toddlers receive WV Birth to Three services and supports in natural environments-places where they live, learn and play. WV Birth to Three services are provided in natural environments to assist a child with special needs to participate in naturally occurring learning opportunities throughout the day. Naturally occurring learning opportunities are present during activities that an infant or toddler would typically do with their family, friends or other caregivers.