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Dad took 11-month-old to drug deal as 'human shield.' The baby was shot.

Investigators say Nafes Monroe bought drugs with counterfeit money and took his baby along, believing the child's presence would forestall violence.

Muslim woman says Denver arena worker told her to remove hijab, refused to let her enter

Gazella Bensreiti said the Pepsi Center employee told her to "take that thing off" and said she could not come in until she removed her hijab.

Dangerous superbugs kill more people than previously thought

More than 35,000 people die each year from drug-resistant infections, and millions more are sickened.

More vapers are making their own juice, but not without risks

As more states, cities and even the federal government consider banning flavored nicotine, thousands of vapers are flocking to social media groups and websites to learn how to make e-liquids at home.

Arizona YouTube mom charged with child abuse dies

Machelle Hobson ran the hit YouTube family comedy series "Fantastic Adventures" before it was shut down amid allegations that she was abusing her seven adopted children off-screen.