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Jan Dils' Attorneys At Law Golden Apple Award Winners

Chad Rinard - Marietta High School - May 2020

Karen Sprout - Lubeck Elementary School - April 2020

Audrey Reynolds - Putnam Elementary School - March 2020

Andy and Barbara Sleek - Fort Frye High School February 2020

Caitlin Stewart - Neale Elementary - January 2020

Tammy Fisher - Jackson Middle School - December 2019

Kim White - Madison Elementary School - November 2019

Stephanie Brock - Worthington Elementary School - October 2019

Melissia Birge - St. Mary's Catholic School - September 2019

Becky Iman - Belpre Elementary School - May 2019

Melissa Whitehair – Jefferson Elementary School – April 2019

Jason Czerr – Edison Middle School – March 2019

Rick Dobson - Kanawha Elementary School - February 2019

Todd Meckley - Parkersburg South High School - January 2019