A Rush To The Pump In Belpre

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Car after car lined up at the Starfire gas station in Belpre, waiting to fill up on the cheapest gas in town, before it was to late.

"It's the cheapest gas I can find. It's only a matter of time that there's is going up too," says Martha Adkins, area resident.

"This is the only place that's still cheap isn't it? The other places are like, $3.75," says Bob Boyde, area resident: .

Other stations in Belpre are still at $3.75, but AAA'S national average sits at $3.60 per gallon, a price that's making people stay in.

"I'm staying at the house, I'm not going anywhere. I can't afford to travel," says Boyde.

Many left their house Tuesday to catch Starfire's low prices, so many people that the Belpre Police Department sent over an officer to make sure there weren't any accidents.

"This is mainly because of traffic times and making sure we keep the roadway clear, it wasn't because of any problems, so it seems to be running smoothly though. We're hoping it stays that way and hope gas prices get a little lower," says Patrolman Mike Stump, Belpre Police Department:

Stump's not alone in hoping the prices go down, but most think they're only going up.

"Oh, they're going up, there's no doubt in my mind, they'll go on up," says Adkins.

Before they do go up, most people are just hoping to give their wallets a break and catch local gas stations offering low low prices.

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