4-H Teen Going Overseas

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Developing citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills, a Warren High School teen empowers herself by signing up for a 4-H trip to Argentina.

"Seems like 4-H has always been a part of something that I would eventually do because both of my parents had been in 4-H whenever they were young,” says Megan Haffner, a junior planning to attend medical school when she graduates. “Ya know, my grandma was the 4-H advisor in a different county."

The organization is very supportive of kids exploring and increasing their knowledge and experience.

"So the international's kind of like the top level of that – taking what they've done in their little community clubs, their homes, maybe the state, then taking it outside of the state, even outside of the country,” says Program Coordinator Tracy Waite.

Haffner's family hosted a girl from Costa Rica, which the Barlow teen calls absolutely amazing.

"From keeping in contact with her and then coming and seeing that I could have an opportunity to travel outbound; that's something that I was really interested in,” she says.

Washington County 4-H is thrilled to have the 17-year-old take part in their Argentina Exchange Program.

"It's actually been several years since we've had somebody even apply for an international trip, so we're very excited,” Waite says.

Not everybody gets to see the world, and it's life changing in any form.

"Just because you're not gonna be a part of this program, it doesn't mean that you can't do things like host someone,” Haffner says. “And really, people should be culturally literate. I mean, what can you possibly gain from having even more perspective."

Haffner says she gets the privilege of traveling to Argentina from July 8th through August 10th.

She really wants to obtain a totally unedited version of another country.

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