Active Shooter Training at WVUP

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Training for an active shooter.

Law enforcement and school officials step into the shoes of the students.

Wednesday at WVUP law enforcement from Ohio and West Virginia started the first day of ALICE Training.

It's the new plan public offices like schools are training for.

Those training Wednesday sat through a briefing before going into life-like scenarios.

This was completely hands-on.

Everyone wore masks and the person acting as the gunman actually used an airsoft gun.

Acting out each scenario, first hiding in the classroom with the lights off, 14 of the 31 students pretended to be shot.

The next time, they were able to barricade the door and the shooter could not get in.

Next, the acting teachers had to decide whether it was better to exit the building.

"Well it's scary, but I also want to make sure that God forbid something like this ever happened at Warren, that we are the textbook case where things went right and that we avoid injury as much as possible. So being prepared, as unlikely as we hope this is, it's better than doing nothing," says Ryan Lemley, Warren High School Assistant Principal.

The training instructor says ALICE is growing in West Virginia as people are learning that the old procedures are not effective in many scenarios.

A lockdown wasn't even orginally intended for active shooter events and that's why the country is moving to getting everyone out of the building.

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