American Red Cross Receives New Car

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On Tuesday morning, the Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross welcomed a new member to the team.

Members gathered this morning to await the arrival of their brand new car, excited when it was finally driven onto the parking lot.

The car will be used for several purposes, including high school training and volunteer recruitment and training. Officials say most importantly, it will be used for disaster response.

The Red Cross fleet now has a pick up truck to pull trailers for shelter use, a van, and of course, the new car. It was made possible through funding by the Virginia Neptune Trust and the Bernard Mcdonough Foundation.

"We're going to be able now to depend on a vehicle to get us, for instance, to the other side of the county without breaking down at 3AM when we're trying to respond to a house fire. Or to do long distance travelling in order to make sure that all of our services are being done and its just its wonderful to be able to get a new car," said Sharon Kesselring, executive director of the Northwest West Virginia American Red Cross Chapter.

Anyone who would like to volunteer with the local Red Cross chapter can call 304-485-7311.

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