Bed Bug Problem in Parkersburg

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Since 2009 the Mid Ohio Valley Health Department recorded a major increase in bed bug complaints.

Bed bugs have shown up in places all across town, more commonly in apartments and hotels.

Health officials believe the bugs were brought here from another area since the bugs do tend to travel, such as when furniture is moved or through backpacks.

What the bugs do is hide during the day in upholstery, mattresses, and other furniture. Then they come out at night and feed on people.

"They don't transmit any diseases, it's only that uncomfortable rash that can come from the bites. Many people don't react to the bites though. So often, if a person does have bed bugs and are being bitten by them every night, they may not know that they have them because they don't react to the bites," says Jessica Woods of the Mid Ohio Valley Health Department.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs, you can remove them yourself when you see them or call pest control.

The Health Department also provides education on preventing the spread of bed bugs.

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