Citizens gather to learn about Wayne National Forest property leasing

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After receiving interest from industries and property owners to lease minerals in Wayne Forest, land management officials are beginning the process of deciding whether or not to lease this land.

Majority of citizens in attendance were private property owners that would be affected if this leasing was allowed, and would also have the opportunity to develop their own property minerals.

Property owners or not, forest officials say it's important for people to come to these meetings to understand what goes into their decision and the many steps that are taken.

"A lot of times we'll just send information to people and ask for comments but they won't really understand the context of what's going on," said Wayne National Forest Supervisor Tony Scardina. "And so really it was an initial public information meeting, and from there there will probably be future opportunities where people can express interest and concern with the process."

Land management officials say this decision usually takes anywhere from 6-12 plus months, and depends on individual context and factors.

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