Concerned Citizen of Coolville Organize

Concerned citizens gathered in Coolville Thursday evening to express their concerns with area injection wells.

There is an operation just three miles north, next to the Torch rest stop on Route 50.

More than 30 citizens came together in the second meeting of Concerned Coolville Citizens.

They heard State Representative (D) Debbie Phillips and Bern Township Trustee Roxanne Groff explain what current legislation lacks to control injection wells in southeast Ohio.

Every citizen shared a concern, or a horror tale of how the operation has impacted their lives.

"There's a risk of earthquakes, we're hearing all this information and when we try to approach the Department of Natural Resources, we're told 'it's all fine' and 'everything's great'...and we don't happen to feel that way," states Coolville resident Susan West.

The group will assemble again October 1st at 6:30 p.m. in the Coolville Volunteer Fire Department to plan educational efforts.

Some want the injection well operations stopped, claiming brine imported from other states is contaminated with everything from heavy metals to radioactive materials to carcinogens that cause cancer.

Proponents of the fracking and injection well industries insist that everything is safe.