Concerned Citizens of Coolville Learn about Injection Wells

The Concerned Citizens of Coolville continue to watch the injection well just north of their community with growing concern.

The group is continuing their campaign to organize and educate on the permitting of injection wells in Ohio.

More than thirty individuals gathered again Thursday evening to hear Columbus Attorney Rick Sahli describe the gaps in regulation, legislation and geology in Ohio.

In some instances, laws designed to protect, do just the opposite.

Sahli says the Department of Transportation can't stop the importing of brine from other states.

"It's a hazardous product, that they should have control over," agrees Sahli. "And ODOT does require those trucks to be placquered with the appropriate placards...(BRINE) That's the extent of their control."

Sahli says the underground geological map of Southeast Ohio is a blank, because of the lack of drilling and wells prior to 2010.

The concerned citizens meet in the Coolville VFD monthly to educate themselves and the public on drilling issues and risks.