Fire Destroys Old Sawmill

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UPDATE 11/29/2013 3:30 PM

The old sawmill/pallet factory in Little Hocking burned to the ground Friday morning.

The call came in about 5 a.m and by the time the firefighters got there, there was no hope.

"We arrived on scene we saw fully involved... it was through the roof," says Little Hocking Fire Captain David Ankrom. "We were more in a defense mood at that point and time. We were protecting surrounding structures."

The firefighters' main concern when battling the fire wasn't the old sawmill - it was the house next to it, which still has people living in it. They're actually the ones that made the call.

Playing a key role in the fire - pallets; kindling that made the fire burn hotter and faster.

"At this time we're still trying to determine exactly what happened," says Ankrom. "It is my understanding that there were power lines to the building. At this time I'm still unsure if it still had power inside the building, but it is believed there is now power in the building."

The state fire marshal is investigating the fire.

Nobody was hurt, but a piece of local history is gone forever.

The old sawmill, which has been empty for years, was for sale at the time of the fire.

Burnt to the ground. The old sawmill/pallet factory in Little Hocking, Ohio went up in flames Friday morning.

The Little Hocking Fire Department says it caught fire around 5 am and was fully engulfed when they arrived.

The cause is unknown at this time. The State Fire Marshal is investigating.

Officials are unsure if the building was connected to electricity. Near by power lines remain a safety issue.

Authorities say their main concern wasn't saving the old building, but controlling the flames ensuring it did not spread to a nearby house.

They say no one was hurt in the fire, just a loss of history.

We will keep you updated with the latest.
The Washington County Sheriff's Office says a fire has completely destroyed the old Sawmill in Little Hocking.

They say the call came around 5 AM Friday morning.

No one was hurt.

A reporter is on the scene.