Governor Tomblin Vetoes Gun Permit Legislation

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After it passed the State House and Senate, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoes West Virginia Senate Bill 347.

The bill would have allowed West Virginians to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, initially passed the House by a 71 to 29 margin, and the Senate by a 30 to 4 margin before arriving at Governor Tomblin's desk.
WTAP spoke to a local gun range and store owner today--who tells us what his patrons are saying about the bill:

"I would say with my customers, It's been split about fifty-fifty. I've had about half of them that were for the bill. Looking at possibly getting more rights, things of that nature. The other half has been against it. They had certain concerns as far as anybody not legally allowed to or possibly underage thinking they could carry," said Lee Gillam owner of Tactical Defense in Vienna.

Governor Tomblin's statement regarding the veto cited what he calls apprehension from law enforcement officers from across the state, regarding their safety and the safety of their fellow officers.

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