Injection Wells Discussed in Coolville

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Emotions ran high Monday night in Coolville where people gathered to voice their concerns about the injection wells in the Torch area.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources recently granted a permit to West Virginia based company K&H Partners to drill and test a second well in the area.

Many citizens are opposing the wells for different reasons.

Not only are they concerned about health, property values and environmental issues, including possible causes of the recent earthquakes, but safety as well.

"Also we want our water monitored regularly around the actual well site," says Bonnie Kibble, who lives near injection wells. "I also want a safety net for any accidents. I want the fire department involved. I think they need to be trained just in case an accident would happen."

People in the area are urging ODNR to hold a public meeting so that they can get some kind of knowledge on what is going on inside the injection wells.

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