Investigation Underway for Marietta Boat Fire

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An investigation is underway to find the cause of a boat fire that took place Sunday at the Sternwheel Festival.

The Marietta Fire Department received the call shortly before 1:30 Sunday afternoon.

A boat approximately twenty-five feet long caught fire with four people on board. Two sustained minor injuries and were sent to Marietta Memorial for treatment.

The fire took just over twenty minutes to extinguish and the boat sank.

This all happened during the fortieth annual Sternwheel Festival in the Marietta Harbor.

WTAP spoke to the boat's owner who told us what happened from his point of view...

"We got forty dollars worth of fuel and just like a typical gas stop and one of the things I noticed was there was a lot of gas on the top of the water around the back side of the boat. And I asked the guy about it and he said, "well yea it does some times leak" but you know we didn't you know, I don't know I just went back up to start the boat. They were pushing us out because there were a lot of boats in front of us and behind us, they were pushing us out and I hit the key and boom," said Jeff Daugherty, the boat's owner.

Daugherty said he's never had a problem with his boat before. Luckily, all four people on the boat, including the owner, were able to jump off before sustaining any serious injuries.

The incident is still under investigation by the Marietta Fire Department.

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