Man Walking for Peace Travels Through Parkersburg

A Japanese man is walking across America to promote peace and Thursday, he stopped by the Parkersburg area.

Matsuo Machida has been walking between 37-40 miles each day since June to highlight reconciliation and redemption.

His trip wraps up Friday, September 18 in Washington, D.C. He says Parkersburg is an ideal stop because Route 50 is a straight, easy road to follow.

While he was in the area, he visited Parkersburg Mayor Jimmy Colombo in his office at the city building.

"He doesn't say it, but every step to him is like a prayer for him. He's praying for peace, that we can find a peaceful way to deal with things," says Machida's friend and helper Mark Hernandez.

Machida usually starts walking at three in the morning each day. He is 65-years-old.

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