Proposed Pipeline Would Go Through Washington County

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A new pipeline is in discussions to be built across 300 miles of Ohio, and that includes Warren Township in Washington County.

So Saturday morning landowners gathered at Tunnel United Methodist Church to get some answers about the proposed Cobra Pipeline.

A pair of eminent domain attorneys took public comment at the informational meeting.

The proposed pipeline is 30 inches wide and would run four feet underground.

Warren Township landowners are concerned about how construction would affect their properties and their pocketbooks.

"There's a lot of legal protection that you have even if your easement does provide that they can put in an additional pipeline," says Michael Braunstein, eminent domain attorney. "There's still a lot that needs to be resolved before they can go forward with that."

The Cobra Pipeline would carry gas, oil and water across the Buckeye State.

It would also connect to other major pipelines.

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