Route 2 and I-68 Authority Members Discuss Expansion

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Route 2 and I-68 Authority members met with Pleasants County officials on Thursday morning with two mandates: expand Route 2 to a four-lane highway from Parkersburg to Chester and extend I-68 to the Ohio Valley to connect to the two roads.

Sections of Route 2 have been expanded but community members suggest that it will not rest until all of the four-lane areas are connected.

Officials say the current highway system is not adequate enough to handle heavy loads, which have led to traffic backups.

I-68's extension would keep the growing area of the state open...

"The growth potential up here is great," said Charles Clements, Route 2 and I-68 Authority executive director.

"We've got the river, we've got the rail, we've got airports. We've got everything we need up here except a decent highway system in this area."

This meeting was the fourth of 10 scheduled. They should be completed by the end of July.

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