Senator Lou Gentile introduces bill to help veterans find a job

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Senator Lou Gentile and Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews spoke with veterans about legislation that would increase job and education opportunities for Ohio's veterans at a town hall meeting Monday.

The state senator has introduced Senate Bill 18, which is much like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit that is in effect at the federal level.

This bill would make it so small businesses could receive a tax credit up to $2400 for hiring qualified veterans.

Senator Gentile says this is a win-win for the veterans and the business - the veterans get a job when they return to civilian life and tax liability is reduced for the business.

"This legislation I'm proposing will help incentivize small businesses in the communities around us, Marietta, throughout the district and the state to hire those qualified service men and women and give them opportunities to earn a good living. I'm just hoping to get some more excitement and energy behind this idea that I think is worthwhile and I think the legislature should take up here when we come back into session this fall," says Gentile.

Senator Gentile also introduced the Ohio Veterans Opportunity Act in 2012, which provides secondary education for veterans.

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