Tips to find your perfect tree

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With the holiday season in full swing, many here in the valley are enjoying a staple of the holiday season -- buying their family Christmas tree.

The local choose and cut Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm in Pettyville offers three choices for holiday hunters. White pine trees are popular for their soft needles, while Scotch Pine and Norway Spruce are known for strong branches, perfect for hanging ornaments.

The tree farm has been around for decades and the owner says it's still going strong. Some just stop by for the familiar christmas tree smell. For others, it's all about creating a holiday tradition.

"Probably the biggest thing is that, especially with younger couples, with young kids, they want to start a tradition. They want to start something that's special for the holidays. So they bring them out, let the kids have a try cutting the tree down. Which usually isn't very successful for little kids, but it's the idea. They get it in their minds that this is a thing we want to do at Christmas," said Terry Dunn, owner of the Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm.

No matter what kind of tree you choose, Dunn says the way to make it last throughout the holiday season is to make sure it always has plenty of water.

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