WVUP students bring awareness to addiction

Addiction, it's a topic West Virginia knows all too well and the Mid Ohio Valley is no stranger to the issue either.

Monday students at West Virginia University at Parkersburg created Addiction Awareness Day in hopes of saving lives and bringing the realization that there is help out there and it's right here at home.

Addiction doesn't just have to be about narcotics, it also includes alcohol, tobacco, gambling, eating disorders and much more.

The event offered help from eight different social services agencies for anyone in need of recovery or know of loved ones struggling with addiction.

"Whether it's a friend, a loved one, family member, a neighbor or themselves, I would hope that they would see that there are several areas that can help in treatment and that they don't have to be alone and they don't ever have to battle this alone. There are so many areas of recovery available to people and our hope today is that people will take away from here is the vision that there is a light at the end of the tunnel," says WVUP student, Joy Hart.

One of the students responsible for addiction awareness day once struggled with addiction herself and is now on track to graduate at WVUP.

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