Washington County man builds very own fairytale

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WHIPPLE, Ohio (WTAP) Who says that kings and queens only live in England?

Bill Grizer is building his very own fairytale castle in Whipple, Ohio.

This isn't the first castle Grizer has built though. He turned the home that he and his wife, Barbara live in into a castle.

The castle he is building now will be open to the public for weddings, parties, and even just to stay the night.

Grizer his making his boyhood dreams a reality.

"When I was eight years old I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and it was my dream to always live in a castle, so I'd worked and saved my money and we built a castle, we're building a castle. My parents owned the farm originally started and then I bought another farm that adjoined it and I just told Barbie that I could decide to retire at 48, 49 years old or we started building a castle," Grizer says.

The castle is expected to be done by summer of 2016 and more information about how you can even help building the castle can be found in our related links.

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