Wood Co. Society Telethon Eclipses $100k Goal

Support, hope, success. The Wood County Society held their annual support telethon Sunday with hope of continued success in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"They don't raise money any other time of the year. This is it. This is the one day that they raise all of the funds that fund all of their programs, free of charge, to children and adults with disabilities in our area." said Jane Wilfong, event organizer and co-host.

The event was hosted by WTAP's own Jim Wharton, who has been doing this for nearly twenty years and Ashley Sturm who made her debut this year. But the focus wasn't on those two. Instead, it was on the important programs offered by the Wood County Society.

"Most everyone knows about camp ECHO." "And we also have summer speech." "We have aquatics, adapted aquatics." "Arthritis group during the school year." "Support group." "Post-polio support. and that's our oldest group, and the oldest support group in the valley, of any sort. and they just celebrated over twenty-five years, so that's something to be proud of." said Jane Stephens, Executive Director of the Wood County Society.

The goal for the day was $100,000. Donations started slowly, but began racking up as time wound down. Ultimately, that one hundred grand proved to be no object for the generosity
of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

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"It's heart-warming really, to receive so much support. We have people from every walk of life, every age group. We have children with hat days. And, we have twenty-four board members, and many of their friends, and many community leaders, and housewives, and everyone coming out, just to make a difference in our community."

In total, the telethon raised over $107,000 from generous viewers
like you. From all of us here at WTAP and the Wood County Society, thank you for your generosity, Mid-Ohio Valley, and we'll see you again next year.

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