Worker's Memorial Day Mural in Athens

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A mural painted by Chris Stain located on the side of a building on court street, was the meeting place for Tuesday's Workers Day Memorial vigil.

It honors those who have been injured on the job or even passed away.

Those from the Ohio Central Labor Council spoke about the importance of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Federal Mine and Safety Acts.

Members of different unions attended the vigil not only to remember those we've lost but to push for stricter safety laws to protect our workers.

"We just got a lot of work to keep doing and remember that it still happens all the time and we need to prevent it. And things can be prevented. We keep working and keep putting regulations in place that uh, that are not driven by greed and the dollar but driven by what's the right thing to do and that's to protect people's lives," said Ted Linscott from the Ohio Central Labor Council.

The AFLCIO is also working to prevent right to work from being passed in Ohio because they say it does more harm than good to employees.

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